Relocating abroad for work is an exciting prospect that has the potential to broaden your life experience and career prospects.  New opportunities, new challenges, new experiences await you in the land of your dreams. However, there are few things you need to consider before taking the big leap. Here is a checklist by Ventura World who offers reliable Immigration consultancy services in Bangalore.


Ensure that money does not hamper your exciting new experience. Pay out some cash and exchange currency. Try setting up an overseas bank account preferably before you leave.


Numerous countries have bilateral tax treaties, which determine the rate of taxing a non-resident on different criteria. It also helps you avoid double taxation in their own country and host nation.

There is a time period for which an individual is exempted from paying the tax in such a case. Once the exemption period expires, you are liable to pay the tax.

Make sure that you find out about the relevant tax treaty between your home nation and the country you are moving in.

Relocation costs

The first step is to get a clarity from your employer as to whether they cover relocation costs. If yes, get an idea about their budget and what all it includes. Also, will they be providing you an accommodation or help you find one.

It would be really helpful if you could get to know about the cost of different items, which you would require while settling down in your destination country.

Visa and travel documents

Almost all the countries ask for a work permit or visa for an individual to work legally. In most cases, the employer would help you in obtaining the relevant visa. Make sure that you confirm the same with your future employer.

Get in touch with renowned agencies offering trustworthy Immigration consultancy services in Bangalore and other parts of the country to obtain the required Visa easily.

In addition, get all your travel documents sorted well within time.

Know the location

Try getting an idea about the location that you are moving to in terms of daily commute, neighborhood and other facilities nearby like hospitals, restaurants, supermarket, etc. This would surely help in making the relocation process much easier and stress-free.

Know your Future employer

It is vital to research about your future employer. Find out the career growth opportunities, work environment, company reputation and other details before you make the final decision. Try getting in touch with some present employee as this would give you a clear insight about the organization.

Working abroad comes with its set of opportunities and challenges. This checklist may not be exhaustive but would surely help you in one way or the other.