The Covid19 pandemic has got the entire Student community, College, and University Fraternities across the globe to gear up and equip themselves to face the challenges in pursuing the much sought after International education and Career options!   As International Education Consultants and Recruitment partners for Colleges / Universities across the 3 most sought after Countries, namely CANADA, UK and USA, we at VenturaWorld Pvt Ltd., would like to put in our bit to help YOU pursue YOUR DREAM during these difficult times!


  1. FREE  Visa application assistance  [worth INR8000/-],  for CANADA and UK Study visas. The government fee for the Visa will need to be borne by the students themselves.
  2. Avail discounts in the application fee for the courses [as applicable and promos running in the Institutions]! HURRY UP AS these OFFERS BY the INSTITUTIONS ARE ON LIMITED TIMELINES
  3. Counseling and assistance with shortlisting courses to suit your current educational background, work experience [if any], future job prospects in Canada / UK, and Canada Immigration and UK Immigration possibilities!
  4. Guidance in drafting the Statement of purpose and other documents as required for the applications to various colleges in Canada and UK
  5. Application Deadline ALERTS 
  6. Continued Support and Service about updates to you around any Immigration rules or changes that might affect your Visa application   
  7. Dedicated one point of contact [Case Manager] to assist YOU and give dedicated attention to your File.
  8. Avoid getting lost through a maze of IVR options and numerous consultants by having Direct access through dedicated contact number and other communication channels such as Skype, Gchat, Whatsapp, Emails to the Case Manager managing your File
  9. Submission of your application to a maximum of 6 colleges in Canada and the UK [combined or individual country] as per your choice.
  10. Registration fee [INR2000/-] valid towards our services for a period of 1 year from the date of payment!

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