Located at the crossways of Western Asia and Eastern Europe- Georgia offers the perfect mix of high quality education, rich cultural experience and the adventure of exploring an interesting terrain. Endowed with beautiful mountain ranges and temperate rain forests, Georgia is a picturesque education destination.

Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia is home to the renowned Caucasus International University (CIU). The university offers brilliant learning environment for both national and international students, which has played a vital role in the growing popularity of Georgia as an international hub for higher education, research, medical courses, etc.

If you are still not convinced, here are some more reasons as to why you should Study in Georgia:

Endless Educational Opportunities

For students wanting to avoid the mad rush at other popular international study destinations, Georgia is where you need to go. The unique study hub offers world-class European education with its continually developing education system.

It attracts huge number of international students every year to enroll in different courses related to medicine, science, marketing, business, PR, tourism and many more.

If you are planning to enroll for medical courses, the specialized medicine universities is a big reason for you to Study in Georgia as the admission process is relatively easier, courses are affordable and eligible for educational loan as well.

Further, the degree obtained from these universities are recognized across the globe.

The different scholarship prospects include:

  • Government scholarships
  • Private funds
  • College scholarship

Easy Application Requirements

Generally, educational institutions in Georgia have an easy application system. International students are admitted on the basis of an interview in most universities. Other documents required include:

  • Online Application form
  • A learning agreement showcasing the courses chosen
  • Copy of the identification pages of your passport
  • Passport size photograph
  • Records from home school/university that exhibits your academic achievements/capabilities

Language is no barrier to Study in Georgia

Do not worry if you have no clue about Georgian language, as many Georgians especially in the cities speak English and Russian fluently.

In addition, many universities offers specially designed courses in English and Russian for foreign students. Also, most educational centers offer preparatory courses in Georgian language before you join the first semester.


Georgian Hospitality will sweep you off your feet

When it comes to choosing your study location abroad, hospitality is an important aspect since you are far away from home.  In this regard, Georgians are known around the world for their hospitality. They are sure to make you feel welcome!


You are safe in Georgia

Georgia is proven to be a safe destination with students flocking from different parts of the world every year. Other than the common safety habits that you would need to practice in any part of the world, Georgia offers you a comfortable, hassle free and safe stay.

Georgia is affordable
At present,1 US $ = 2.56 Georgian Lari. Not just the exchange rate but the general living cost in Georgia is bee’s knees when it comes to affordability.

Not just study, Explore the scenic Georgia

In addition to excellent education centers, Georgia offers great locations like Mount Kazbek, Tusheti National Park, Uplistsikhe and many more for weekend recreational trips and hiking.

Study in Georgia, Come explore a world like no other!