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United States of America

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Home to half of the world’s top universities, the United States (US) is one of the most popular study destinations for international students. Over a million students from around the world study in the US every year, drawn to the high quality of education, highly accredited professors, and the high standard of living. More than 10 US cities are listed amongst the Top 100 QS Best Student Cities (2019). To name a few, Boston, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Washington, Pittsburgh, San Diego, Baltimore, Houston, Miami.

Stated in the US Census Bureau, 39 million of the population has immigrated to the US since 1965. Immigrants are primarily from Asia and Latin American. It’s estimated that immigration will increase to 19% of the population by 2060. According to the US Census Bureau, nearly 25% (~7 million) of the American population identify themselves as a racial minority. The largest racial minorities are Latin Americans, followed by African Americans.

Why Study Abroad in USA?

  • 1. Get a Globally recognized education :One of the biggest reasons students choose to study in the United States is the country’s reputation for renowned higher education programs. More than half of the top 20 Universities in US, continue to dominate world university rankings. Besides the well-known names,US is home to many other prestigious colleges and universities that offer superior education and cutting edge learning and research opportunities.
  • 2. Choose from a wide range of subjects : In a double major, students combine two areas of study. They are expected to take the same number of courses in each respective major to qualify.
    In a major-minor, students have a similar combination. The program with the lesser number of courses is considered as the Minor program.
  • 3. Experience the American Living : Covering 10million sq kms, the US is the third largest country in the world. The US is home to 4 distinct regions. Whether they want to experience the East Coast charm, Southern hospitality or the bright lights of Hollywood, international students can find an area to live that suits them.
  • 4. Exposure to Cultures from around the World : The US is a culturally diverse country. According to the Census Bureau, every 33 secs an individual migrates to the USA. Americans speak over 300 languages and the US has often been referred to as the “melting pot”.
  • 5. Improve Job prospects after graduation :Students can apply for work in the US with a Practical training F1 Visa, the validity being for 12 months after post graduation. Additional 24 months is offered if the student has studied a course falling under STEM designated program.

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