If you are a resident of Bangalore and are seriously thinking of landing a job that will take you to Australia, you have come to the right place. In such a case it is a good idea to work with experienced Australia immigration consultants Bangalore. The different steps required to find your desired job in Australia are briefly described below.

Look out for employer-sponsored work visa

If you are serious about finding a job in Australia, it is best to find an employer-sponsored work visa for yourself. In this case, the employer will support your coming to Australia because of your work skills. You can apply for the visa after you find a job that suits you.

Points-tested Visa

This is the second type of visa that you can apply for moving into Australia. In this category, you have to subject yourself to testing to find out your skills according to specific work categories and subcategories. You would also have to prove your English skills. Each of the work categories has specific requirements.

Completion of EOI

This is required to apply for the Points-tested visa. EOI expands to Expression of Interest. This has to be filled in and completed if you want to get the attention of Australian employers.

Fulfil all Health and Language Requirements

Documentation related to a complete health check-up after being certified by a qualified medical practitioner should be submitted. At this stage, you also have to prove your English proficiency skills by obtaining minimum scores in specified English exams.

Confirm your Qualification Requirements

Ensure that your present qualifications are sufficient for the work category within which you apply. This can be cross-checked with the Australian Skills Recognition website. Bridge courses may be required to satisfy conditions and make your candidature more attractive to Australian employers.

Finally, you can submit your completed work visa application.

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