Most  High School graduates from India all dream of getting a scholarship seat in a good government medical school by scoring high in the medical entrance examinations conducted by Ministry of Education. Those who fail to get a scholarship choose to study MBBS paying huge capitation fees and donations. However, studying MBBS in the private medical colleges in our home-country India is very expensive. Most medical students should know that applying for MBBS program into a public university in India is absolutely a fierce competition. With approximately 53000 seats in total for MBBS students in India, the demand for seats is on the rise, with more than one million candidates trying their best to secure a position in the medical colleges of India.

Caucasus International University [CIU], Tbilisi in Georgia is undoubtedly a good choice for those who want to be a Doctor or in the medical field in future. A lot of students from India study in CIU as there are no capitation fees or donations to be paid and the cost is very reasonable in contrast to Universities in other countries. The cost of living in Georgia is also relatively low compared to studying medicine in US and other locations in Europe. Therefore, studying MBBS, BDS and other medical courses works out far more reasonable in Caucasus International University [CIU ]  Tbilisi, Georgia.

Since the tuition for Medical courses in CIU is affordable, concerns with respect to quality of education and whether recognized by some organizations are voiced out by most students. These Medical courses are recognized by Medical Council Of India. CIU is not only listed in MCI and also WHO recognized, its also acknowledged by all European countries and Globally recognized. Graduates from Georgian Universities can easily pursue further studies and get employment opportunities in other European countries. It is also a member of Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research – “FAIMER-IMED” and World Health Organization – “AVICENNA“.

CIU offers MBBS; Bachelor in Dentistry; Bachelor in Pharmacy; Bachelors in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

Each Educational Program includes teaching basic and clinical disciplines. For this reason, teaching laboratories of basic disciplines are operating at university such as the Anatomy Room equipped with the latest anatomical models and phantoms, Biochemical Teaching Laboratory, Research Laboratory of Neuroscience and Applied Physiology.

Students have an opportunity to participate in various kinds of experiments to help gain practical experience and improve the techniques for patient examination. Practical classes in clinical disciplines are conducted in leading Georgian clinics and Medical Institutions, also enabling successful students to be employed in the future.

With a very high Visa Approval rate and all benefits available there is no reason why those who are aspiring to be a Doctor shouldn’t explore studying in Caucasus International University, Tbilisi, Georgia.

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