Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Minister Marco Mendicino recently announced that Canada is focused on inviting over 4,00,000 immigrants in 2021-2023.

Across the globe, the pandemic has caused disruption in the economies of the world. Canada however has made a choice to continue to pursue its original decision to welcome immigrants into the country.

Riding on this news, let’s explore the Top Job opportunities that are available in Canada. 

According to HR Consulting firm Randstad Canada, no doubt employment demands will be high, but those with a specialized skill set will have higher prospects of gaining employment in 2021.

Here is a quick run of the Top jobs in Canada for 2021

  • Customer Service Representative
    • The ability to empathize with customers is a skill much needed by business entities during the pandemic phase. Who can do this better than the frontline customer service representatives? Customers expect to speak to a real person who can professionally handle their situation. Hence the demand for CSR has increased manifold in this time.
  • Driver
    • Drivers have always been in big demand especially truck drivers. The pandemic has made this job all the more urgent as medical supplies and essential goods need to be delivered to stores across the country.
  • Registered nurse
    • The projected numbers for employment for nurses is sixty thousand! in 2022. There already is a shortage of registered nurses in Canada and the COVID 19 pandemic has just further pushed this occupation to a “high demand” category!
  • Electrical engineer
    • The necessity to have continuous operations of various communication systems during the pandemic has given a rise to high demand for Electrical engineers. Employers not just want a technically skilled worker but a candidate who has good communication and writing skills as well.
  • Software developer
    • Working from home is the new way of our professional life. Similarly, over the past decade, eCommerce has made an equally big impact on consumers. Hence skilled workers who can code, design, and build applications and websites may be able to find employment in Canada.
  • Accountant
    • Accountants perform overviews of the financial operations of a business in order to help it run efficiently. Additionally advising businesses on accessing government funding and getting tax breaks to exhibit the skills and knowledge of a person in this role. During the pandemic phase when businesses are hit badly, the role of a skilled Accountant is absolutely necessary. 
  • HR manager
    • Formulating new HR policies, Health, and safety policies that are mutually beneficial to the company and its employees, and keeping up the morale of employees during this pandemic phase is an important role of the HR Manager. 
  • Financial advisor
    • The sudden reduction in your take-home salary or losing your job or poor performance of your investments in the stock market, all require are juggling of finances. Decisions cannot be taken from a place of emotional turmoil, instead of during such times support and unbiased advice from Financial advisors are strongly required.
  • Technology Sector
    • Labor shortages always existed in this sector and hence IRCC has been promoting immigration programs that are solely focussed on this sector. OINP and BCIT are forerunners in seeking out skilled workers in the e Technology sector.
    • It goes without a doubt that Tech talent is in high demand particularly in major urban centers like Toronto, Vancouver, and Montréal as well.

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