The Land of Maple Leaf – Canada has one of the highest immigration rates among the OECD nations. As per recent statistics, the immigrant population in Canada has risen from 20.6 percent in 2011 to 21.9 percent in 2017. Furthermore, the employment rate for immigrants continues to rise since 2008. The figures are clearly indicative of the fact that Canada is indeed a heaven for people in search of better quality of life, job opportunities and personal growth.

Along with the aforesaid reasons following are some other reasons cited by VenturaWorld who offers reliable Canada immigration visa services in Bangalore.

  • Canada is among the first countries to have introduced immigration programs. This has led to the country attracting hundreds and thousands of immigrants in the last few decades and they plan to increase the number of immigrants over the next couple of years. The huge number of new immigrants has resulted in the government creating support infrastructure, agencies and programs for them. The agencies guide in aspects like successful economic, cultural and personal settlement in Canada.
  • The country offers a wide variety of visa programs for immigrant and non-immigrant options, which includes employed, self-employed, work permit and student programs.
  • Canada is known to offer one of the best social security benefits program for immigrants. It includes educational and health facilities, post retirement and old age benefits and unemployment allowance.
  • Another big reason why Canada attracts immigrants from around the world is that the immigration rules are not very stringent when compared with other countries.
  • A Canadian passport holder is immune from numerous visa restrictions as almost all the major countries across the world allow a free visa travel for them. This is a major reason for people to apply for Canadian Immigration.
  • Canada offers its residents the right to religion, culture, language, freedom of expression and also permits them to live and work anywhere in the country.
  • In addition to the cultural diversity, Canada has immense wealth in terms of natural resources and minerals.
  • It is among the least polluted countries in the world
  • Last but certainly not the least, a corruption free environment prevails in Canada.

As the world recognizes the many benefits Canada offers, immigration continues to rise in the country. Get in touch with prominent agencies offering reliable Canada immigration visa services in Bangalore to fulfill your Canadian dream.