Australia Immigration – Australia Permanent Resident (PR) Program

Indian migrants have emerged as the top source of citizenship by conferral in Australia during the last five years, overtaking the United Kingdom.  

During the five years between 2013-14 and 2016-17, over 118,000 Indian-born applicants top the list of visa recipients by country under Australia’s annual permanent immigration program.

Former Citizenship minister Alan Tudge revealed the country-wise break up of the citizenship statistics in the federal parliament earlier this year.  

Of the 54,419 citizenship applications approved as of 28th February 2018, Indian migrants formed the biggest cohort with 10,168 applications of the Indian-born migrants having been approved.

  •    10,168 – India
  •    9,195   – United Kingdom
  •    2,617   – South Africa
  •    2,399   – Philippines.

In the year 2016-17, over 22,000 Indians pledged their allegiance to Australia, while 19,617 people from the UK became Australian citizens.

Australia has one of the biggest immigration programs in the world with 190,000 places kept every year for permanent migrants. A large part of the program- nearly 70 per cent – is reserved for skilled migrants who bring the in-demand skills to meet the needs of the Australian economy. Over 128,000 permanent visas are issued to skilled migrants with the requisite skills each year.

Based on the skills and qualifications demonstrated in the Expression of Interest submitted by a prospective visa applicant, the Department of Home Affairs issues them an invite to submit a visa application.

Occupations such as Software and Applications Programmers and Accountants, which attract a very high number of applicants and seem on track to exhaust their quota. There were over 7,200 places for Software Programmers at the start of this year and 1,231 applicants were issued invites until 11 September to apply for a visa.

While the minimum threshold for applying for an Australian permanent visa was lifted to 65 points in July this year, for occupations that have higher interest from visa applicants the required points score can be as high as 80.

So what are your options if you have not reached the points score required?

State and Regional Sponsorship

State sponsorship is an exciting option for many clients who have not been able to reach the point score for occupations under the 189 pathway.

More occupation choices

While applicants for the 189 must have an occupation on the MLTSSL, states and regions may be able to sponsor for MLTSSL, STSOL and ROL occupations. This means that there may be a greater opportunity for a migration pathway by seeking state or territory sponsorship.

What is the point score for State 190 and Regional 489 ?

The point score for most states and regions is still 65, including either:

  •    5 points for state sponsorship
  •    10 points for regional sponsorship

However, some states such as Victoria [VIC] and New South Wales [NSW] places are competitive for some occupations and a higher point score may still be required.

Other ways to increase your points

Additional points many be awarded in a number of ways including, but not limited, to:

  •    Increasing your level of English
  •    Higher education in Australia or overseas
  •    Years of work experience in Australia or overseas
  •    NAATI
  •    Professional Year
  •    Partner points

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