We are a boutique business firm providing services in Immigration to Australia, Holiday Tour packages and Senior level Talent Acquisition.

Our Mission is to be known as a Company offering Quality Service, Practising Trust and Personal Responsibility in all its ventures.

Immigration to Australia

How often have you questioned the credibility of the many immigration agents and listening to their vague responses got you more confused and doubtful??? You have obviously asked them for their MARA registration number, instead all you get in response is a lot of vague, confusing sentences and explanations that is directed more towards evading your honest question rather than giving you a clear precise reply!

Such immigration consultants are more sales driven and over complicate matters as complicating things can lead to the client, YOU, feeling vulnerable and may therefore entice you to sign up with that particular Consultancy when in fact they have limited experience through website knowledge. Scaremongering – creating an element of fear may cause a client to act on impulse and enter an agreement without considering the consequences.

VenturaWorld is a transparent boutique business firm and does not attempt to confuse you with vague explanations and tricky language when asked about our credibility in doing business. We are affiliated with Australian Regulated Migration Agent and all applications are submitted as per the required legal norms of the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority [MARA].

Why us for Immigration?

Yes, you may come across a couple of MARA agents, BUT our affiliation is exclusive as your application is handled by a former Australian Immigration Case Officer employed with DIBP. We have the distinct advantage of detailed legislative knowledge that does not get spelt out on any website. Our documentation team is based out of Australia and is trained and overseen by our Principal Consultant in Australia, who comes with over 8 years of experience in immigration. As a team we come with a combined immigration experience of close to 15 years. Former Government caseworkers don’t leave much room for error and will sometimes make a decision without requesting further information from the client. In order to strengthen your application, an experienced MARA agent will know exactly what the immigration caseworker will look for in your application.

SO? would you rely on immigration teams who acquire knowledge from websites and portray a “know it all” image and sell this website gained knowledge to you for a hefty fee? when actually you yourself could google and find immigration process knowledge on the website!!!

Ask yourself – do I feel that the consultant is working in my best interest or are they simply making quick money providing inaccurate advice and unanswered questions?


Would you rather THINK and CHOOSE wisely to be sensible to place your immigration application in the hands of someone who has walked the same journey as you are about to take? Someone who is MARA registered, a former DIBP Immigration Case Officer, a team based out of Australia and has more than 8 years of success in this arena?

Well we hope YOU do make this wise and correct decision of investment towards your future. Unlike other immigration firms, VenturaWorld is under no pressure to engage with numerous applications to meet sales and revenue targets!! We are only interested to focus on your individual application and its success.

It makes a huge difference when you partner alongside somebody who actually cares about your situation, your future and your individual circumstances.

We are NOT Quantity driven BUT Quality service and ethically driven! We look forward to be a part of your journey to a bright future! for you and your family.


Why us for Holiday Tour Packages?

Our association with India’s leading online Travel Company, opens up a MASSIVE range of International and Domestic locations and a huge choice of Hotels and itineraries to adhere to your specific taste and choice of holiday! With more than 12,000 Hotels in India, over 4,00,000 hotels around the world and holiday itineraries that can be customised to suit your wallet and interests, we are the experts that you need to speak to for all your holiday plans.

Do complete and submit the TOUR ENQUIRY Form and we will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your holiday plans!


Why us for Senior level Talent Acquisition?

Given the pace of technological advances and other workplace changes, it is not enough to hire a person based solely on what you think they can do. Behavioral, objective, fact based criteria must be developed to increase the chances of placing the right person in the right job at the right time. Our past Corporate experience in Behavior based Interviewing skills holds us in good standing to assist you in your search for the Right person for the Right Job!

Drop an email to info@venturaworld.in detailing your hiring requirement and you will soon hear from us.