Australia announces its occupational ceilings every year and we provide you a quick check on the occupations that benefitted and those who did not in comparison to year  2015-16.

IT Professionals

The IT profession is always in demand, however sometimes, when we have a lot of us thinking the same way for our future but not taking any action about it then we tend to lose out!!! because someone just got there before us!!!

The ceiling for some of the IT occupations has been reduced and hence going forward to be sent an invite and cut the competition, IT professionals need to look at avenues to increase their total eligibility score!

  • Software and Applications Programmers: The ceiling was 5364 in 2015-16 and has increased by 6% to 5,662 places in 2016-17. The minimum score to be called for an invite for this occupation was 65 points and most likely to remain the same 2016-17.
  • ICT Business and Systems Analysts: The ceiling was 1536 in 2015-16 and has reduced by 4% to 1,482 places in 2016-17. For this occupation, the minimum scores required for an invitation was around 65-70 and is most likely going to remain the same.
  • Computer Network Professionals: The ceiling was 1986 in 2015-16 and has reduced by 28% to 1,426 places in 2016-17. The minimum invitation score for this occupation was 60 for most of 2015-16. However as the quota has had a drastic reduction, in most likelihood the minimum score for getting an invite will increase to above 60 for 2016-17.

There are ways to increase the total score so that a clients application in the E.O.I pool has a higher chance of being called out. Speak to us in this regard and let’s not lose more time!